The Sarrebourg Country, is an area of ponds, forests and canals. Nature here is wonderfully preserved. For fishermen, it offers 200 ponds, for hunting enthusiasts its beautiful forests full of game. Those who enjoy boating cycling or hiking will find endless possibilities.

Over 300 kilometers of marked paths help you discover the natural beauty of the region, its unique cultural and historic heritage and the genuine skills of its artisans.

Ponds and forests

The “Address Book” of
La Noisetière

Base nautique de Niderviller
Kuhnle Tours
Port Fluvial Tannenheim
F-57565 Niderviller
Tel. 0 800 916 763
Les Jardins de Berchigranges
Le Jardin de Berchigranges
9, route du Tholy
88640 Granges sur Vologne
Tel. +33 (0) 3 29 51 47 19
Faiences de Niderviller
Faiencerie Royale et Impériale de Niderviller
2, rue de la Faiencerie
57565 Niderviller
Tél. +33 (0)3 87 23 80 04
Musée Lalique
Musée Lalique
Rue du Hochberg
67290 Wingen-sur-Moder
Tel. +33 (0)3 88 89 96 89
Train d'Abreschviller
Chemin de Fer Forestier d'Abreschviller
57560 Abreschviller
Tel. +33 (0) 3 87 03 71 45

Hiking, mountain biking and cycling tours

We are halfway between two long hiking trails: the GR 533 at 6km in Hesse and the GR 532 at 5km in Lutzelbourg. The Club Vosgien offers many tours as well, one beginning at the Niderviller port.

The mountain biking trails start from Dabo, Abreschviller et Walscheid. Information available at La Noisetière.

Three cycling tours start from Niderviller:

  • Niderviller - Arzviller - Lutzelbourg towards Alsace by the canal towpath.
  • Niderviller - Schneckenbusch - Hesse - Heming - Gondrexange, access to the “circuits des Etangs”.
  • Niderviller - Schaeferhof - Dabo, access to numerous other tours.